medium is an artist collective dedicated to supporting and understanding visual arts, with a heavy focus on documentary photography and photojournalism, both of which remain integral to our global critical awareness. medium is a social enterprise and currently operates under a non-profit model. As a result, we are able to provide access to top flight artists, and training that would prove cost prohibitive for most. medium is housed in the Life Spin building, and money spent to support us also helps provide affordable housing for those in need.

medium is an idea farm with a constitution formed around individual and community empowerment through story telling. If you have a story to tell, medium is here to make it happen. We continue to bring the work of internationally acclaimed documentary photographers and photojournalists to the Canadian audience through our gallery and work hard to celebrate the talent in our own community.

medium is home to The Medium Collective, a group of dedicated Canadian photojournalists and documentary photographers who continue to provide content to some of the worlds most respected media outlets. The pillar of the collective’s existence is to provide a direct interface between the public and the experienced and knowledgeable. When you want to know more about the events that shape our history, medium is the place to start.


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